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Boatwright Memorial Library

Open Access & Faculty Scholarship

A guide to issues in scholarly publishing, open access, copyright, author rights, and digital archiving

What Belongs on UR Scholarship?

  • Journal articles
  • ​Conference materials
  • Book introductions
  • Problem sets
  • Educational materials
  • Student projects and research
  • Data sets
  • Textbooks you have created
  • Working papers
  • Image, video, and audio files

… and more!

All types of documents and publications - from articles and reports to books, journals and other creative works, of any file format or size - can be included in the repository, making it possible to showcase all aspects of a project. As a service of the University Libraries, library staff are available to help you through every step of the process.

UR Scholarship Repository

(UR Scholarship Usage Map 2014-2023)

UR Scholarship


As a member of the University of Richmond academic community, you are encouraged to contribute your publications to UR Scholarship for long-term preservation and enhanced awareness of your work and to expand the reputation of the university.


Benefits of the Repository

  • Search engine optimization puts your work on top.
  • Open Access to readers globally.
  • Author dashboard to show your impact.
  • Stable URLs.
  • Complies with most granting agencies’ open access requirements.

Faculty Praise for UR Scholarship

  • "Thanks so much for putting up my work; I can hardly believe how many people have already read it."
  • "Thank you for your work to assemble the research repository, this is a valuable asset to the University."
  • "I need your help with making my scholarship accessible on the web as much as possible.”
  • “I LOVE the dashboard function of UR Scholarship. It is so fun to see all the countries downloading our work.

Getting Started with UR Scholarship

What you need to do:

Send your updated CV with permission to post your works to Crista LaPrade, Digital Asset Management & Preservation Administrator.

What the UR Libraries do for you:

  1. Review CV to determine works that are eligible for the repository.
  2. Conduct thorough copyright review, contacting publishers to establish versions of work to deposit.
  3. Upload works to the UR Scholarship Repository in accordance with funding agency, copyright, and publisher policies.
  4. Add descriptive metadata to enhance the findability of your work.

Scholarship Repository Administrator

Student Submissions

For information regarding submission of your Honors Thesis or Capstone paper and appropriate authorization to deposit form please contact Crista LaPrade.

New Features on UR Scholarshiop

PlumX Metrics — including citations, media mentions, tweets and more — are now integrated into all UR Scholarship dashboards. Faculty now have easy and efficient access to a greater variety of metrics to build powerful pictures of usage and impact.

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