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Open Access & Faculty Scholarship

A guide to issues in scholarly publishing, open access, copyright, author rights, and digital archiving

Publishing Options for Undergraduate Students

Are you interested in publishing your research as an undergraduate student?  There are many scholarly, peer-reviewed undergraduate journals where you can submit your article for review.  Please see the list in the next box for possible journals that would cover the scope of your research.  Discuss possible publishing venues with your professors and ask them for recommendations as well. Read the "about"  information and submission guidelines for each journal carefully, so that you know it is reputable and peer-reviewed. Many undergraduate journals only accept articles from their respective institutions, so you will need to read carefully to see if submissions are allowed from students from other colleges and universities. Also, be wary of "predatory publishers" who may contact you directly for submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: Publishing in an undergraduate-research-specific journal may preclude publication in a more general scientific journal.


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