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Finding Books

Search in the library catalog for books using OneSearch
From the results screen, you can narrow down results to just books available in person at UR by clicking the "In the Library" and "Books" filters from the left-side of the screen

Image showing the location of the "In the Library" filter from the OneSearch results screen          Image showing the "Books" filter from the OneSearch results screen

Books related to geography can be found in the following call number ranges, located on the B2 level of Boatwright:

G1-9980  -  Geography (General).  Atlases.  Maps
         For geography and description of individual countries, see GD-GF
   G149-570  -  Voyages and travels (General) 
         For travels in special continents and countries, see GD-GF
      G587-890  -  Polar regions
      G1000.3-3122  -  Atlases
      G3190-9980  -  Maps
   GA1-776  -  Mathematical geography.  Cartography
   GB3-5030  -  Physical geography
      GB111-398.7  -  By region or country
      GB400-649  -  Geomorphology
      GB651-2998  -  Hydrology.  Water
      GB5000-5030  -  Natural disasters
   GC1-1581  -  Oceanography
   GF1-900  -  Human ecology.  Anthropogeography
      GF53-67  -  Man's relationship to specific environments
      GF500-900  -  By region or country
   GN1-890  -  Anthropology

There are two main ways to specifically find ebooks in the library:

1. OneSearch
  • After searching for your topic in OneSearch, add the "Online" and "Books" filters to narrow results to ebooks

Image showing the "Online" filter in OneSearch results page          Image showing the "Books" filter in OneSearch results page

2. Ebooks Databases
  • Use the following databases to directly search for relevant ebooks
  • These are not the only ebook databases available at UR, nor do they feature results that wouldn't come up in OneSearch. Rather they allow you to more easily browse relevant ebooks based on your research topic
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
  • You can request books (and other resources) from other institutions using UR's interlibrary loan service
  • The service is 100% free, though it may take a few days for your items to arrive
  • Click here to activate your account or log in to the ILL system
  • Questions? Contact our ILL department at

Geography Reference Books

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