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Boatwright Memorial Library

GEOGRAPHY RESEARCH GUIDE: Citing Your Sources in APA Style

Geography Department Style

The Department of Geography & the Environment uses APA Style (7th ed.) for citations. 

APA Resources

WHY to cite your sources

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction from NCSU Libraries

Boatwright Library Citing Sources Guide

How to: APA citations from Google Scholar

Step 1. Click on the quotation mark under a citation
 screenshot showing how to click on quotation mark in Google Scholar

Step 2. Select and copy the text next to APA
 screenshot showing APA style citation in Google Scholar

Step 3. EDIT!
Look for things like capitalization, punctuation, and missing information.

APA quirks & common mistakes

Sentence case
  • Capitalize only the first letter at the beginning of a title:
    • Three ways to combat climate change through the courts. (CORRECT) 
    • Three Ways to Combat Climate Change Through the Courts. (INCORRECT)
  • Capitalize the first letter after any punctuation in a title:
    • Cities and climate change: Urban sustainability and global environmental governance (CORRECT) 
    • Cities and climate change: urban sustainability and global environmental governance (INCORRECT)
  • Proper nouns are also capitalized in titles:
    • Economic mobility and the rise of the Latin American middle class (CORRECT)
    • Economic mobility and the rise of the latin american middle class (INCORRECT)
"Retrieved from" dates
  • Generally you do not need to list the date when you accessed a website:
    • Retrieved from (CORRECT) vs.
    • Retrieved November 8, 2018 from (INCORRECT)
  • Only list the date when the content is designed to be constantly updated (like on a wiki)
    • Retrieved August 1, 2022 from (CORRECT)

How to: Hanging Indent in Word

Step 1: Select your text
text of a citation

Step 2: Format > Paragraph 
Format menu, then select Paragraph...

Step 3: Choose "Hanging" from the Special dropdown box & click OK
paragraph menu with Special: Hanging indent selected


How to: Hanging Indent in Google Drive

Step 1: Select your text
Step 2: Format > Align & indent > Indentation options...
Format menu
Step 3: Choose "Hanging" under Special dropdown and click OK
Indentation options menu
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