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Boatwright Memorial Library

Resource Sharing/ILL at University of Richmond Libraries : Receiving Your Items

This guide summarizes uses, updates, and guidance for Resource Sharing/ILL at Boatwright Library and Parsons Music Library at the University of Richmond.


Once requested through ILLiad, articles are delivered to your ILLiad account page. Generally they are in the PDF format. You will log in to ILLiad to view and download your requested articles.

Returning an Item?

Please return all Resource Sharing/ILL books to the Main Service Desk or book drop outside at Boatwright Memorial Library. Items should be returned in person and not sent through campus mail. 

Picking Up Items/Proxies

Currently we do not allow proxy accounts for ILLiad users. For item security and to ensure that you get the items you need, you must pick items up yourself in-person at the Boatwright Information and Assistance Desk.

***If you need another person to pick an item up on your behalf, such as a student administrative employee, colleague, or family member, you MUST receive approval ahead of time by emailing with the name of the person who will be picking up your item. This must be done for each item you are having picked up. Items will not be released to the person picking up unless this name is on file.


You will receive an email when your physical materials are ready for pick up. Books may be picked up from the Information and Assistance Desk at Boatwright Library. All loan information including due dates will be on the wraparound on the item. DO NOT REMOVE THIS! 

Special Accommodations

If you need help with materials getting to you please reach out to our office at


In-Library Use Only Items

Some items, including rare or fragile books or media, may be categorized as in-library use only. In this case, we will work with our patrons so that they can review such items within the library.

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