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Boatwright Memorial Library

Resource Sharing/ILL at University of Richmond Libraries : FAQ

This guide summarizes uses, updates, and guidance for Resource Sharing/ILL at Boatwright Library and Parsons Music Library at the University of Richmond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an ILLiad account?

From our main Resource Sharing webpage please log in to ILLiad using your UR ID and password. The first time you use ILLiad you will be prompted to set up an account. Once this is complete, you will have access to the ILLiad system and can make requests. 

How long can I keep ILL materials?

Lending times are set by the individual lender and vary, but we find that most libraries loan items for at least two weeks, and many for much longer. The material due date will be marked on your ILLiad account as well as the wraparound on the item, and you will receive email reminders as the due date approaches. 

Can you all scan a UR owned book chapter or other item for me through ILL?

UR owned items should be requested here:

Why was I blocked in ILLiad?

Usually this is because an item is very overdue. Please contact our office as soon as possible at

Will ILLiad work remotely/off campus? 

ILLiad typically works very reliably on almost all devices and browsers on and off campus. This includes Macs, PCs, iPads, and smartphones. Occasionally, however, patrons experience difficulties with remote access to ILLiad. We are not able to troubleshoot these off-campus instances. We recommend you check your password, account, browser type, and connectivity. If all of these fail to yield results we ask that you make your ILLiad request on campus using an on-campus connection or computer. 

How long does it take for requested ILL items to arrive?

This time varies by the lender location, access, and item popularity. For books please allow 5-10 business days, for articles please allow 3-5 business days. These timeframes can vary during different points of the year.

Can I renew my ILL item? 

Typically we do not renew items that are borrowed from other libraries (our lenders, however, tend to give generous due dates). If you still wish to use any item after its due date, we are happy to work with you to receive permission for this or to request another copy. Please contact to discuss a renewal request with our staff.

Who is eligible to use Resource Sharing/ILL? 

Any current faculty member, staff member, or student is eligible to make education or work-related requests through Resource Sharing. 

Can I just email you my ILL requests?

All requests should be entered through ILLiad. This is the fastest, most secure way to fulfill your requests. This is the way library systems "talk to each other" and allows us to quickly get the items you are looking for. It also gives you the control to make requests at any time. 

Are there limits to the amount of items I can request?

In general, no, but we encourage careful and courteous use of this service as staff time and institution funding are involved.

Is there a cost for Resource Sharing?

No. Resource Sharing/ILL is offered as a free service to help with your education and work endeavors. (However, for items needed for personal or recreational use we encourage you to check out the recreational and general collections in Boatwright Memorial Library, your local public library, or online booksellers. ILL resources should not be used for recreational purposes).

Can borrowed books be mailed to my home? 

Books are picked up at the Boatwright Library Information & Assistance Desk. Once received at our library we do not ship borrowed books to other addresses. 

Can another patron enter requests on my behalf/act as a proxy?

Currently we do not allow proxy accounts for ILLiad users. For item security and to ensure that you get the items you need, you must pick items up yourself in-person at the Boatwright Information and Assistance Desk.

***If you need another person to pick an item up on your behalf, such as a student administrative employee, colleague, or family member, you MUST receive approval ahead of time by emailing with the name of the person who will be picking up your item. Items will not be released to the person picking up unless this name is on file.

Can resource sharing provide high quality scans? 

Our overall mission is to provide you with information sources for work and educational pursuits. We will get scans of clear, readable quality for this research and information; most ILL lenders are interested in speed and efficiency and do not always have high end scanning equipment. If you are in need of high quality images we recommend you contact other campus services such as the Technology Learning Center located in Boatwright Library. Scans provided through Resource Sharing should not be considered archival quality. 

What if I lose loaned material?

Once an ILL item is checked out to the user, it becomes the responsibility of that user. If an item is lost then the Resource Sharing department will pay any fees you incur for the lost item. In turn we will seek payment from you as the patron; fees are set by the lending library. Every effort should be made to be responsible for the materials since they are on loan to us for your use. We do encourage communication early about such loss so that we can work with you to recover the material. 

What if material I borrow is damaged in my possession? 

Please alert our office immediately by emailing so that we can assess the damage and seek the best course of action. 

What if I returned an item but it still on my ILLiad account?

Please allow 1-2 business days for your returns to be reflected on your ILLiad account. This is especially true after nights and weekends; we process items Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Return processing may also vary during holidays and University closures. If an item still appears on your account please reach out to

Do University of Richmond Libraries loan to schools and other institutions without an OCLC account?

In general we only loan materials to institutions with an OCLC account, and we receive lending requests only through the ILLiad system. People wishing to access our collections in person should contact the Access Services Department. 

Once an ILL book arrives can you scan chapters or sections for me? 

Scanning equipment is available for public use at Boatwright Library. Patrons are invited to use this equipment, as long as any copyright restrictions for items are observed (in general, copy no more than 50 pages OR 25% of an entire work). Patrons will need to bring a flash drive or ask to borrow one from the Information & Assistance desk.


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