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Boatwright Memorial Library

Quick Call Number Guide for Music Books (all begin with ML or MT)

ML 1-3930 Literature of Music
  48-54.8 Texts for Music
  110-158 Bibliography
  155-158 Sound Recordings
  159-3799 History and Critcism
  410 Composer Biographies
  459-1380 Instruments and Instrumental Music
  1100-1380 Chamber and Orchestral Music, Band (Military Music), Electronic Music
  1400-3275 Vocal Music
  1500-1554 Choral Music (Sacred and Secular)
  1600-2881 Secular Vocal Music
  2900-3275 Sacred Vocal Music
  3400-3465 Dance Music
  3469-3541 Popular Music
  3544-3776 National Music
  3800-3923 Philosophy and Physics of Music
  3928-3930 Juvenile Literature


MT 1-960 Musical Instruction and Study
  40-67 Composition
  68 Improvisation
  70-86 Orchestra and Orchestration
  90-146 Analytical Guides, etc.
  170-810 Instrumental Techniques
  820-949 Singing and Voice Culture
  955-960 Production of Operas, Music in Theaters

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