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LALIS 465: Spanish Cinema: Finding Articles

Getting the Full Text of Articles

If the full-text of an article is not available in the database you are searching, look for a "Locate it" button, which will link you to either the journal in which the article is published or to the article itself. 

If there is no button, use the Journal Titles tab in the red search box at the top of the main library web page to search for the title of the journal, or use the link below.  If we have a subscription, you will learn what years are available and find a link to our source.  Some or all years of a journal may be available only in physical form in the periodicals collection on B2. 

For other journals we may have limited access, for example, not the most recent issues or not the earliest published issues. If we do not have access to the issue you need, use ILLiad.


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Recommended Resources

Different databases are designed for different areas of research, so here are a few tips: If you are interested in technical aspects of film, FIAF is best. If you want comparisons to literature or folklore, MLA is good. If you're interested in history or documentaries, Historical Abstracts makes sense. for comparisons to theater or information about the industry, the Performing Arts Periodicals Database is a good bet.  Try different terms: film, cinema, motion pictures, etc. don't forget that you can't just string words together in the Ebsco databases, separate them into logical phrases, like Spanish film and civil war.

Google Scholar and Onesearch are at the top of the list because they cover all formats, but they can be overwhelming, so if you have narrowed your topic or focused your interest on a particular aspect of your topic, one of the other databses may give you more control over your search.

Movie Reviews

Reviews vs. Criticism

Sometimes it will be difficult to tell the difference between film criticism and film reviews, but it is important to recognize their key differences so you can use them to support your arguments. Some reviews may be written by scholars, but often they are written by film critics. Below are some guidelines distinguishing between film reviews and film criticism. Both have value, but are written for very different audiences.


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