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Works Cited Page Style Guide

  • Citing a film * If you are citing a film that you watched on an online streaming platform like Kanopy or Swank Digital Campus, treat this as an electronic resource and include the URL

Films and electronic resources like web articles or streaming videos are cited slightly differently than books or journal articles in the body of your paper.​ If you are quoting a film make sure to include a time or time range, separating hours, minutes and seconds, with colons, to indicate where the quote came from within the film, like a page number.  

​EXAMPLE: (Belle du jour  00:34:30-00:36:03)​

On the "works cited" page: If you are citing a film that you watched on an online streaming platform like Kanopy or Swank Digital Campus, include the name of the database and URL.


Citing a film or DVD: 

Title. Original release date. Names of director(s). Names of performers if relevant, Publisher/Production company, publication date.

Muerte de un ciclista. 1955. Directed by Juan Antonio Bardem. Criterion Collection, 2008.

OR you can emphasize the director and create the citation this way:

Bardem, Juan Antonio, director. Muerte de un ciclista. 1955. Criterion Collection, 2008.

Citing a film from a streaming video database like Kanopy or Swank Digital Campus:

Title. Name of director. Original Release date. Names of Performers if relevant, Publisher/Production Company, publication date. Database, URL.

El pais de miedo. Directed by Francisco Espada. 2015. Pragda. Kanopy.

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style Guides

Using Zotero

Zotero is a citation management tool that allows you to keep all of your citations in one place and cite them automatically in any style you prefer!

Getting Started:


Step 1. Download Zotero & install the browser plug-in.

  • Visit and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW link.
    • Desktop/Laptop: Download free-standing software for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Once you have installed the software, also download a connector for your browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).
    • Browser Plug-in: Zotero Plug-in's are called "Connectors" Zotero Connectors automatically sense content as you browse the web and allow you to save it to Zotero with a single click. You'll know you have successfully installed the Zotero connector/plug-in when you see Zotero icons appear in the top right-hand corner of the browser window. Remember that to use Zotero, you need to have the Zotero software up and running while you are searching in your browser.

Step 2. Open up the Zotero software, and then switch to a web browser.

  • While searching, if you wish to grab citation information for something on the screen, look for icons at the right end of the address bar. If Zotero recognizes a single citation it displays an article (piece of paper) or book icon; if Zotero sees a list of citations, you will see a folder icon.
  • If you see one of these icons, click on it. If you click on a folder icon, you will have to select from a list. A message will briefly flash in the bottom right-hand corner telling you the citation was saved to Zotero.

For more information on how to create citations and bibliographies and how to add Zotero to Word or Google Docs. Please see the attached Quick Guide.

Zotero Quick Guide Link

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