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Scholarly articles are one of the most common resources used for research assignments. Like academic books, they offer scholarly analysis on a topic, usually smaller in scope or more specific than a book. Often, they focus on detailed information on some aspect of the topic, rather than a wider lens.

Search the library for articles about your topic, using whichever database you prefer (Academic Search Complete, OneSearch, Google Scholar, etc.) Note the information you would need to cite it as a source and why you would select this as helpful for your topic. Each member of your group should locate a different scholarly article on the topic.

Find the following, and note which database you used to find each, write a Chicago style citation for each:

  • Two articles from different disciplines (e.g, marketing/psychology, finance/ethics)
  • One article from an international source (i.e., published outside the US)
  • One review article (or an article that has an in-depth literature review section)

How to determine if a source is scholarly?