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Boatwright Memorial Library

Quick Citing

Quick citing tools can help you get started, but ALWAYS check the Style Guides for specifics as you are responsible for accurately citing your sources.

Zotero - Quick Start

Finding Books (and more!)

Academic books cover a broader range of information than a background source, but can often help you identify deeper or narrower areas to focus on.

Search the library catalog using the “Books & More” tab for information on your topic. Skim over the results, noting the different types of materials and topics that appear in the results.  Select a few to click on and explore, looking especially to see if they offer a table of contents or summary to assist in deciding which ones might be helpful.  Select the item you are most interested in using and look over the catalog record.  Each member of your group should find a different catalog item. Note information you would need to cite it as a source and why you think this would be helpful for your topic. Remember that books can be ebooks, audio, and/or print books, and note the format, too!

As a group, find the following:
•    The oldest book you can find in the library catalog on the topic
•    The newest scholarly book you can find in the library catalog on the topic
•    A non-scholarly book on the topic from the library catalog
•    An edited book or government document relating to your topic (bonus if you find both!)