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FYS 100 (36): The History of Crime and Punishment in Modern British Cities (Bischof)

Guide for students in Dr. Bischof's FYS course for Fall 2023

Top FYS Library Databases

Tips for Library Research

1.   Research should begin at the library website found at and follow the link to Research Guides.  You can access other subject areas, e.g., Art, Anthropology, Literature, Political Science, Women Studies etc, when appropriate to your research.


2.   Catalogs, like the UR Library Catalog and WorldCat, are useful for finding books, primary sources, bibliographies, and reference works.  To find journal or newspaper articles you will need to use online indexes and fulltext databases.

3.   A good book or journal article can be a bridge to more research sources if it has footnotes or a bibliography.  When looking for books, be sure to browse the shelves around the book you are looking for in the collection.  Often you will find other books related to your topic are nearby!


4.  Where available, use the subject heading features in the library catalog and databases to discover other similar headings used, because the same topic may have been assigned different subject headings over time.


5.   Keep in mind that many useful resources, and not just primary sources are print works in addition to electronic and internet resources.  The Research Guides library web page focus primarily on electronic resources.  The UR Library Catalog and WorldCat (for Interlibrary Loan only) are your best sources for books. 

Writing Center Link

Use this link to access the UR Writing Center:


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