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Guide to finding information produced by the U.S. Federal Government and on UR's Federal Depository Library (#635) holdings.

COVID-19 and Access to Print Documents in Boatwright Library

Spring 2020: Boatwright Library is CLOSED due to the covid-19 virus.

Most of our government documents collections are available online as usual. If you need access to a print document in our collection, please email Depository Librarian Samantha Guss at and we'll try to help you access what you need. Thank you for your understanding!

About this Guide

This guide contains information and links for accessing U.S. Government information.

Here you'll find links to government information from a variety of sources:

  • Official websites of government agencies and the Government Printing Office (GPO).
  • Print government documents collections at UR. Boatwright Library (Depository #0635; located on Boatwright Level B2) and the Muse Law Library (Depository #0635B) are part of the Federal Depository Library Program. You will find most of our government documents in the Library Catalog and specific titles linked from this guide. 
  • Commercial sources that the library subscribes to. These content providers repackage government information, usually with the purpose of making it easier to find or use, and license access to libraries and other subscribers.
  • Some non-profit organizations and think tanks also provide access to government publications.

‚ÄčFor help locating government information, contact Samantha Guss, Social Sciences/Government Information Librarian, at

Social Sciences Librarian

Samantha Guss's picture
Samantha Guss
Office: 182 Boatwright Library,
Research & Collaborative Area
Phone (Summer 2020: use email instead): 804-289-8851

SUMMER 2020: WORKING REMOTELY. Email me to schedule a Zoom consultation or I can probably help you via email -- get in touch!
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