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Boatwright Memorial Library

High School Students, Teachers and Librarians

A guide for local high school students, educators and librarians in the Greater Richmond Region

Copying, Printing and Scanning at Boatwright

Printers are location in the following areas of Boatwright Library:

  • Research and Collaborative Area (1st Floor) - BML1STFLPRT
  • Silent Study Area (2nd Floor) - BML2NDFLPRT
  • Quiet Study Area (B1) - BMLB1PRT

A color printer is available in the Research and Collaborative Area on the first floor (BMLCOLOR1FLPRT). Please note that documents printed on the color printer cost 10 print credits per page. Documents printed on the other printers cost 1 credit per page. 

Boatwright has print release stations on B1, the 1st and 2nd floors. When you print to a printer you will need to stop at the print release station to finalize the print job. This will help cut down on both the waste of paper and printing credits. 

Guests at Boatwright will have to request a Guest Pass and purchase print credits in order to print documents. Print credits can be purchased at the Boatwright Library Information and Assistance Desk using cash or a check. You can receive 25 credits for every $2.00 spent. The maximum amount of credits that can be purchased at one time is 50 credits for $4.00. 


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