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Boatwright Memorial Library

High School Students, Teachers and Librarians

A guide for local high school students, educators and librarians in the Greater Richmond Region

About the Library

In 1955, the Frederic William Boatwright Memorial Library was officially dedicated and opened on the University of Richmond campus. It serves as a memorial and testimony to Boatwright's sixty-eight years of service to the institution as student, professor, president, and chancellor. 

Continuing into the 21st century, the Boatwright Memorial Library strives to provide student, faculty and staff with information resources and services that enable them to excel in their academic and intellectual pursuits. The Library offers access to over 460 databases, 160,000 full-text journals, 640,000 electronic book titles and numerous other electronic resources through its website. 

We value our role as a bridge between many communities and as a focal point and inclusive gathering place for all members. We are committed to making the best use of our assets by providing access to resources and by encouraging supportive networking opportunities within and between the university and the wider Richmond community.


Boatwright Memorial Library Conduct Policy

Boatwright Memorial Library empowers University of Richmond community members to excel in their academic, intellectual and individual pursuits by providing diverse information resources, personalized services, and creative learning spaces.

The following conduct policies aim to ensure a library environment that truly supports the mission of Boatwright Memorial Library. Patrons of Boatwright Library entitled to a clean, safe, environment conducive to learning and the free exchange  of information, access to library resources, and courteous assistance from library staff. In return patrons are obligated to abide by the following policies. 


  • Please do not do anything that disrupts others' use of the library.
  • Please do not leave personal belonging unattended or "camp out". 
  • Upon request, patrons are required to present a valid UR ID or other valid form of ID when on Library premises.
  • Respect library property and materials by abiding by circulation procedures, keeping them clean, unmarked, and intact. Anyone who damages materials or equipment is responsible for repair or replacement costs. 


  • Please respect silence in designated quiet areas
  • Please speak in low voices in approved areas of the library and while using cell phones and other means of communication. 
  • Please wear headphones when listening to audio.


  • Food and drink are allowed in most areas of BML; however, patrons are expected to consume food and beverages neatly respecting other users and library property.
  • Please always clean up your trash using the trash or recycling receptacles.
  • Please report spills to library staff immediately.


Creative Commons License
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