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Boatwright Memorial Library

High School Students, Teachers and Librarians

A guide for local high school students, educators and librarians in the Greater Richmond Region

Visiting Boatwright Memorial Library

The experiences of each high school group to Boatwright Memorial Library will vary, we are happy to help you plan your visit.

Group visits must be scheduled by the high school librarian or class instructor at least three weeks in advance. Please contact Cassandra Taylor-Anderson to coordinate your class visit to Boatwright Memorial Library and create the most value added experience possible. 

Some things to consider about your library visit are as follows:

  • The time of the year and time of day: You may want to consult the University of Richmond's Academic Calendars prior to planning a visit. Thursdays and Fridays are preferred and your group may want to avoid the University of Richmond's mid-term and final examination periods.
  • For larger groups: you may want to consider breaking the group up, with half in a classroom and the other half touring Boatwright Memorial Library. 
  • Each visiting group must be well-supervised

Cassandra Taylor-Anderson will be happy to help you to determine the best experience for your visit. Please complete this High School Visit Request Form and Cassandra will be happy to follow up with you! 


Borrowing Materials

K-12 educators and public librarians with a valid employer ID can borrow books from Boatwright, Parson's Music Library and the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC). Items borrowed from the CMC have a 2 week loan period and may incur daily overdue fines.

K-12 educators and public librarians can borrow up to 10 items at a time. 

If you have additional questions about borrowing privileges, please contact LaToya Gray.

Fines & Fees

Please return materials on time. Lost fees will be assessed and those who do not return materials within 20 days will have borrowing privileges suspended. 

Please review Special Borrowers and Community Borrowers for more information about fines and fees. 

Who To Contact

For classroom and other on-site experiences:

Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, Access and User Services Manager | 804-828-6554

For setting up or checking on your borrowing privileges:

LaToya Gray, User Support Specialist | 804-287-8884



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