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Boatwright Memorial Library


Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If UR does not provide access to a journal and you need an article from it, use Interlibrary Loan to request it from another library.  Depending on how long it takes for the loaning library to fill the request, it may be only a few days before the article arrives.  It will be emailed to you as a .pdf file.

Finding journals & journal articles

Journal Titles (also accessed from the tab on the library home page) helps you to: 

  • identify which journal titles are available at UR
  • identify which titles are in print or can be accessed as e-journals
  • access the e-journals through UR subscription links *
  • connect to the catalog to find "holdings" information for print titles (which volumes/years that UR owns)
  • find UR journals by subject    

* Most UR subscriptions must be accessed through the Journal Locator links and not by going directly to the journal's website.  Most subscriptions are also verified by IP identification - you must access UR e-journals from the campus network or through the proxy server.

Some publishers "embargo" their most recent issues so that you may only be able to electronically access articles published 1-2 years earlier.

Review journals in health studies available at UR

Review journals are an excellent means for discovering recent issues on a topic or getting a foundation for your research area.  Here are a few of the titles in a series of review journals::

  • Annual review of biomedical data science
  • Annual review of biomedical engineering
  • Annual review of cancer biology
  • Annual review of medicine
  • Annual review of neuroscience
  • Annual review of nutrition
  • Annual review of pathology
  • Annual review of pharmacology & toxicology
  • Annual review of public health

* These review journals are available online through Journal Titles.

You may view the entire list of review journals here.

Open access journals

Open access literature is defined as "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions."  Advocates of open access believe that the results of research - especially funded by taxpayers - should be made freely available to the public.  Open access journals are predominantly scholarly journals (the research has gone through the peer-review process).

Open access journals in the health science may be found through:

  • The Public Library of Science
  • BioMed Central
  • PubMed Central
  • Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Open J-Gate
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