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Historical Collections

Newspapers in Databases

Databases that include Latin American newspapers are listed below.

Contemporary Collections

Spanish Language News Podcasts

NPR has a free news broadcast in Spanish, Radio Ambulants :

El Mundo also has podcasts,

Nómadas is a travel show Radio Nacional de España — Spain’s public radio station that takes you to a different corner of the world every week and brings you voices, sounds and stories from that destination,

If you’re just getting started, News in Slow Spanish, is a good option. It has two versions: one using Spanish as it’s spoken in Spain and the other focusing on Latin American Spanish. The aptly-named podcast features discussions of current news stories in Spanish, but spoken slowly and clearly so it’s easy for non-native speakers to understand.

. El Washington Post is WP’s Spanish language podcast.

El Hilo is a weekly news show in Spanish that aims to go in-depth on a single story in each episode. A co-production of Radio Ambulante Estudios and Vice News, the show tells stories from all over Latin America and the U.S.,

Radio Bilingüe’s Edición Semanaria is a fourteen-minute news capsule in Spanish covering top stories in the U.S. and Latin America.

El Vocero has audio/video news from Puerto Rico,