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Boatwright Memorial Library

Finding Translations

Finding Translated Books

To find translations in the UR Library Catalog, use the title of your book and the word "translated" in a key word search.  This is especially helpful when the original title is a proper name, which does not change when the book is translated; for example, "Madame Bovary translated."  It also works when you know only the orginal title and aren''t sure what the English title might be:for example, "Voina i mir translated." 

You can also find bibliographies of translations of national literatures with the search" translations bibliography".  If you add the name of the language of interest, you can narrow the search to just that one.

For books not available at UR, search WorldCat.

Databases That Translate for You

Some databases will translate some or all  full text items.  Look for a tab (the location will vary) that offers this service for the following databases:

Literary Translation

Identifying Translations

These databases or websites will help you discover what texts have been translated. Idex Translatioum was created by UNESCO to encourage cultural exchange through translation.You can find translations from a particular language in Book Review Digest by using the name of the language and the word "translations" in your  subject search. For Worldcat, use the same strategy, but add the target language (e.g. English) to your search terms.

Translation Websites