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Boatwright Memorial Library

Finding books in biochemistry & molecular biology

Use the library's online catalog to locate books and other materials owned by the UR libraries.
Search by author, title, Library of Congress subject heading, or combine terms using keyword searching.

You may want to browse the library shelves for research ideas or general interest topics.  Books related to biochemistry and molecular biology can be found in the following call number ranges, located on the B2 level of Boatwright Library:

  • QD
    QD415 - Biochemistry
    QD476.2 - Physical biochemistry
  • QH
    QH301-705.5  -  General Biology
      QH345 - General biochemistry of plants & animals
      QH425-470  -  Genetics
      QH506 - Molecular biology
      QH573-671  -  Cytology
  • QK
    QK1-989  -  Botany
      QK640-673  -  Plant anatomy
      QK710-899  -  Plant physiology
      QK861 - Plant biochemistry
  • QL
    QL1-991  -  Zoology
      QL799  -  Morphology
      QL801-950.9  -  Anatomy
      QL951-991  -  Embryology
  • QM
    QM1-695  -  Human anatomy
  • QP
    QP1-981  -  Physiology
      QP33  -  Comparative physiology
      QP351-495  -  Neurophysiology and neuropsychology
      QP501-801  -  Animal biochemistry
  • QR
    QR1-502  -  Microbiology
      QR75-99  -  Bacteria
      QR180-189.5  -  Immunology
      QR355-500  -  Virology

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