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Boatwright Memorial Library

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Image that says "Generative Artificial Intelligence: Key Information, Resources, and More"

Welcome to the Boatwright Library LibGuide on generative artificial intelligence! From its origins in the 1950s to the recent explosion in popularity in the 2020s, artificial intelligence is an ever-evolving topic that may seem impossible to wrap one's head around. As such, this guide has two major goals:

1. To provide access to resources for students, staff, and faculty on generative AI and its influence on academics, teaching, and the world,

2. To act as a living document that will be updated as new information and tools become available.

Image that says "Getting Started"

  • Is this your first time using, or investigating, generative AI?

  • Want to see what other generative AI platforms are available beyond ChatGPT?

    • Check out the "Tools" tab
  • Thinking of incorporating generative AI into your research or writing?

    • Before actually putting those tools to use - please read through the "Considerations and Limitations" page for important resources on the structural, ethical, and privacy-based challenges of using generative AI tools
  • Want to learn how to cite generative AI?

Image that reads "Key Contacts"

  • UR AI Experts
    • Page with information on UR community members with expertise in specific aspects of AI, including data science, K-12 education, scientific research, privacy, and more.
  • UR Faculty Hub
    • Regularly host trainings and presentations on Generative AI for faculty and staff, and can assist in integrating generative AI tools into courses and assignments. The link above leads to the full events list in the Faculty Hub. For additional information on what the Hub can do regarding AI, please contact Dr. Andrew Bell (