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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (45): Modern American Human Rights Lawyers (Stubbs)

FYS Research Guide, Professor Stubbs

Social Sciences Librarian

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Kyle Jenkins


Boatwright Library, Room #183

261 Richmond Way
Richmond, VA 23173

Recommended Databases for Assignment

Finding Background Resources:

Library Presentation Notes

-Link to slides from March 15th presentation

-Unaddressed questions from Mentimeter:

  • Could we use popular sources if the person is an “expert” in their field?

    • If you plan on using them in a research assignment, I think it ultimately still depends on your instructor’s discretion. However, having popular sources written by experts does give you some valuable tools! Firstly, you can assume that this author has probably written more extensively on the subject you’re interested in, and maybe even in scholarly journals, that you could then search for based on their name. Secondly, the articles they cite in the popular source may be of a higher quality/academic caliber, so you could use them as jumping-off points for further research as well.

  • If we have a really long article, do you have any tips for gleaning the important information, or do you just have to go through it?

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