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Students and faculty often need to find a specific test or measurement to further their research. In some cases you may know what test you are looking for and simply need to find out how to get the test and the scoring information. In other situations, you may need to identify which tests would be useful for your research. In either case, it is important to understand that the University of Richmond Libraries do not collect actual psychological tests. We do, however, have many useful reference tools that will allow you to identify potentially useful tests and measurements and then give you the information needed to get copies of them for your research.

*Please note: most published tests must be purchased. They are not made freely available. In addition, you may have to have certain credentials in order to purchase a test. They do not sell them to anyone who wants a copy.

Common Educational Tests

Print Resources for Published Tests

Print Resources for Unpublished Tests

There are a wealth of tests, scales, and measures that have been developed but never published. They may cover an area where no published test can be found and you do not have to pay to use them. Please be aware, though, that for copyright reasons you do still need to gain permission before using them.

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