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MUSIC: Preparing a Concert Program: Home

This guide is designed to assist University of Richmond students who are preparing printed programs for their recitals.

What is a concert program?

A printed concert program informs the audience about the performance that they are about to hear and serves as a historical record of the event.  It typically lists the pieces and performers, and programs for vocal performances usually include the sung texts, with English translations as appropriate.

How do I get programs for my recital?

The Music Department will provide copies of your program, at no charge to you, for the audience at your performance, but it's your responsibility to supply the content.  Vocalists are also required to submit English translations for any texts that they will be singing in foreign languages.  Both the authors of the original texts and the sources of any translations that you use must be identified so that they may be properly credited in the program.

Preparing a concert program is not difficult, but it is time consuming, so it's important that you adhere to all departmental deadlines.  Delays may mean your program won't be ready in time for your recital! 

Just enter your program information in the form below.  For help with the formatting of titles, click on the "Program List" tab at the top of this page.

Use this form to submit your program information


This guide is based on "Writing Music Program Notes" by Lora Lennertz Jetton, used with her kind permission.  Program formatting is inspired by Writing About Music: A Style Sheet, 2nd edition, by D. Kern Holoman (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008).

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