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Boatwright Memorial Library

LALIS 305: Spanish in Politics and Society: Books

Using the Catalog

Books available in the University of Richmond Libraries are all listed in the UR Library Catalog.

You can search by book title, author, keyword or subject heading.  When search for biographies, you should use your person's name in a "Subject Heading Browse" search.

Literature call number ranges

Literature of Spain, PQ 6000-PQ 7000

Literature of Spanish America, PQ 7081-8560

PQ7100- Mexico,
PQ7361- West Indies
PQ7370- Cuba
PQ7400- Dominican Republic,
PQ7420- PQ7410  Jamaica,
Puerto Rico,
PQ7471- Central America,  (General)
PQ7480-  Costa Rica
PQ7490-  Guatemala
PQ7500   Honduras
PQ7510- Nicaragua
PQ7520- Panama 
PQ7530- El Salvador,
PQ7551- South America, 
PQ7660- Argentina, 
PQ7880-  Bolivia,
PQ7880- Brazil (Spanish language literature in),
PQ7990- Chile,
PQ8160- Colombia,
PQ8200- Ecuador,
PQ8230- Guiana,
PQ8250  Paraguay, -
PQ8300  Peru,

PQ8510- Uruguay,
PQ8530- Venezuela,

Spanish American authors not identified with any country, PQ8560


Searching for Books on Latin America in Boatwright

To search for books in Spanish, click the ADVANCED SEARCH tab and select "Spanish" in the LANGUAGE drop-down box before submitting your search. Here are the call number ranges for browsing books on Latin american and Spanish history.

F1201-F2239 History of L.A., General
F1201-F1392 Cuba
F1421-F1440 History of C.A., General
F1441-F1457 Belize
F1461-F1477 Guatemala
F1481-F1497 El Salvador
F1501-F1517 Honduras
F1521-F1537 Nicaragua
F1541-F1557 Costa Rica
F1561-F1577 Panama
F1751-F1854.9 Cuba
F1931-F1941 Dominican Republic
F1951-F1983 Puerto Rico
F2211-F2299 Colombia
F2301-F2349 Venezuela
F2351 Guiana
F2361-F2391 Guyana
F2401-F2431 Surinam
F2501-F2651 Brazil
F2661-F2699 Paraguay
F2701-F2799 Uruguay
F2801-F3021 Argentina
F3031-F3031.1 Falkland Is.
F3051-F3285 Chile
F3301-F3359 Bolivia
F3401-F3619 Peru
F3701-F3799 Ecuador

Interlibrary Loan

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