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Boatwright Memorial Library

Getting Started with Zotero


Zotero is a free citation management tool that can automatically import citations into your personal account, organize sources into folders, and generate bibliographies in a variety of citation styles. It also includes a word processor plugin for formatting footnotes and parenthetical citations.

UR Libraries subscribe to Zotero unlimited storage for personal and group cloud storage. Users can create as many research groups as they like, with as many members as they need. Sign-up with your email to use this storage. 

  • Zoterobib is a quick cite tool for citing individual items or creating bibliographies on the fly.
  • Zotero web version offers the majority of the features of the download version and syncs with your Zotero library if you have downloaded Zotero. From the Zotero image below, click on Web Library
  • Zotero downloaded to your personal computer offers the full citation management features and syncs with your Zotero web version.From the Zotero image below, click on download.

Zotero - Quick Start




Zotero Tutorials