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FYS 100 (06) - Heroes and Villains: Finding Videos and Images

Finding Movies in OneSearch

. Here are some tips for searching for films in OneSearch:

  • Always filter the results of your search by Video/DVD, DVD only, or Streaming Video.
  • When searching for specific titles, it helps to put exact titles in quotations like "The Wild Bunch." If you are searching for a film that has a non-English title, the title in the film's original language may appear first in the record.
  • You can search for contributors/creators. Films do not have just one "author" like books do. They have directors, actors, editors, producers- and filter the results.
  • Search by language. Films are categorized by language, but take note that some films have multiple languages. For example- search the catalog for Motion pictures Japanese and filter the results..
  • Search for films by genre or form, for example Animated films, Western films, War films, Experimental films, Suspense films, Adventure films, Documentary films, Silent films.

Creative Commons Images

Finding Images

Some of the online encyclopedias and articles will have images, but it is not always possible to copy or save them because they are protected.  Here are some other ways to find images.

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