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Boatwright Memorial Library

Zines!: How to Make Zines

Introduction to zines, including researching and making zines

Instructions for a Half-Page Booklet Zine

The following video is a great tutorial that breaks down how to make a 12-page zine using 3 sheets of letter-sized paper.

how to make a zine from nicki sabalu on Vimeo.


Did you know that Boatwright has zine-making supplies available for check-out? If you need a stapler, you may request to use one at the information desk.

Bookbinding Kit

bookbinding kit

Instructions for a Mini-Zine (a One-Page Fold Book)

This is a great way to make an 8-page mini-comic or zine. It's also sometimes called a "onesie."

Instructions for one-page fold book

Once you finish folding your book, number your pages to help organize and place your content. Note some pages will be upside down when begin your final zine layout.

Creativity Kit

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