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HUM 398: History of Human Expression: MLA and Chicgo/Turabian Citation Formats

MLA Core Elements of a Citation

In the new model, the work’s publication format is not considered. Instead of asking, “How do I cite a book [or DVD or Web page]?” the writer creates an entry by consulting the MLA’s list of core elements—facts common to most works—which are assembled in a specific order. The MLA core elements appear below:
[From: MLA Website]

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style Guides

These guides will haveMLA formatted  examples of just about any kind of source you might use. If you want to consult the printed manual, here's the one you want:

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Turabian/Chicago Style Guides


There are 2 styles to choose from when using Chicago and Turabian -- you need to ask your professor which style he or she would like you to use. The main differences between the styles are where the references are placed, where the dates are placed and how the titles are capitalized.

1. Notes/Bibliography: numbered footnotes or endnotes at the bottom of each page, with Bibliography or Works Cited list at the end of the paper, listing alphabetically the sources in your notes. Your professor may not require that you include a separate Works Cited list if all of the information is included in your footnotes -- but you may be asked to provide a biblliography of all sources consulted.

2. Reference List/Parenthetical (in-text citations): in your text, brief references are listed consisting of the author's last name, publication year, and page(s) referred to, with an alphabetized Reference List at the end of your paper.  The reference list at the end of your paper provides complete entries for works cited in parenthetical references.

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