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Head, Research & Instruction

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Carol Wittig
FYS and SPCS KM - ENG Instructor
Rm. 179, Research & Collaborative Area
Boatwright Library
University of Richmond
261 Richmond Way
Richmond, VA 23173

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Finding Resources: Opinions and Editorials

Finding Opinion Articles (Editorials, Opinions, Op-Eds, etc.)

Use the databases and links below to locate an opinion or editorial article.  You can search by "Document Type" in International Newsstream and Newspaper Source Plus. "Letters to the Editor" are not considered editorials or opinion articles.

Newspaper Websites

Newspaper Editorials: Identifying Different Perspectives

The editorial boards of the following newspapers usually reflect either liberal or conservative views, but note that all of the following newspapers may include syndicated opinion writers of both persuasions.

Conservative/Right Leaning Editorials:
Wall Street Journal, Washington TimesNew York Post

Centrist Editorials: Christian Science Monitor

Liberal/Left Leaning Editorials: New York Times, Washington Post

~ ~ ~ 

To help identify a particular perspective and/or political leaning of a news source, these websites can get you started:

BUT don't only rely on a list or chart - as they have limitations:

  • Sheridan, Jake (21 Nov 2022) "Should you trust media bias charts?" Poynter

It's important to learn how to evaluate information sources. Here is a research guide that can help: