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Policies and procedures for the staff of Parsons Music Library

Offline Charge (message from Voyager)

When Voyager, our circulation system, loses its connection with the network, it displays a popup message asking if you would like to proceed with offline charge.  You should say "yes" to this request.  What it means is that all charges (checkouts) will be stored on individual computers instead of on the network.  When this happens, each computer can record only a single due date (i.e. only things due in 28 days, or only things due in 7 days, etc).  You should set one circulation computer for 28-day charges (look at the calendar and count 28 days in the future), which is good for all circulating books, scores, and CDs borrowed by students or special borrowers.  Set the other computer for 7 days (again, check the calendar and count 7 days in the future), which covers all regular DVDs (for students, faculty, and staff).  Any charges that don't fit either of these categories (for example, course reserves, keys, laptops, faculty checkouts, etc) will need to be written in the blue book in the bottom drawer of the little desk. 

If anything that you check out by writing it in the blue book is returned the same day (such as keys and course reserves), you can just cross them out in the book.  Anything else that is returned to us cannot be checked in on the computer.  You'll just have to pile all returned materials on the small desk, and staff will take care of them later.


Opening the Music Library

Here is the procedure for Managers to open the Music Library:

1. Check out the front door key from Boatwright Library (add 15 minutes to your time to cover this additional work responsibility).

2. Enter the Music Library (from either door), locking the door behind you.  Then enter the CD storage room and retrieve the key lanyard from the designated location.

3. Retrieve the book return keys from the designated location.  Go out the Booker door, open the book returns, and remove any library materials.  Remove the laminated signs from the envelope on the right side of the CD return unit and attach them to the front of each unit using the velcro dots. Lock the book return units, enter the Music Library, and put the book return keys back in the designated location.  Keep the lanyard keys with you.

4. Turn on the computers in the reading room, as well as the public catalog computer at the end of the circ desk.

5. Turn on both circulation computers and log on to one of them. Open Voyager Circulation.  Discharge any library materials that you found in the book return units.

6. Turn on the digital signage monitor with the remote behind the desk.

7. Check paper in photocopier and printer; replenish as needed from the supply room.

8. Count money in the cash box, entering totals in the blue notebook.

9. Check the phone for messages and write down anything that needs Linda's or Melanie's attention.

10. Unlock the Booker doors to the library (both sides) and open them until the wall magnets engage.

11. Unlock the Modlin door to the library by turning the handle.

12. Unlock the patio door (March-October only)

13. Return the front door key to Boatwright when your shift is over (add 15 minutes to your time to cover this additional work responsibility).