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Boatwright Memorial Library

WGSS 200: Intro to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Skerrett)

Humanities & Film Librarian

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Nick Dease
Boatwright Library, Rm. 185
261 Richmond Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Getting started

OneSearch is the library catalog, there you can search almost everything in the library at once- books, media, news sources, scholarly journals, and more.

Library databases are smaller collections of scholarly articles, news sources, images, media and more, which may be organized thematically on different topics.

Google Scholar - a resource for both scholarly and non-scholarly articles. If you are on campus, you will find links to scholarly articles in our databases.

Search Tips:

  • Brainstorm a few key words or phrases to help get you started. These could be names or topics.
  • Decide what types of resources you are looking for (books, scholarly articles, newspapers, archival sources etc.)
  • Use filters like "scholarly and peer review", browse by subject, or adjust the date of publication as needed.
  • Look at the library's other research guides on different topics and types of sources such as WGSS, race & law, sociology, and more.
  • If you can't find an article or book you need, check out our service called interlibrary loan - we can request materials from other libraries if we don't have them at UR.

Reference Sources

Example: Look up Angela Y. Davis in Oxford Encyclopedia & Gale E-books

Example: look up Aileen Clarke Hernandez

Primary Sources & Archives

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