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Boatwright Memorial Library

RECREATIONAL READING: Boatwright's Recreational Collections

Recreational Audiobooks

The Media Resource Center (MRC) has a large collection of audiobooks on CD.  To get a list, simply choose "Subject Heading Browse" from the drop down box of searches, and then type Audiobooks in the search box.  Then choose Audiobooks from the list of subjects that appears.

The MRC also subscribes to an electronic audiobook collection called RBDigital.  You can find them through the UR library catalog under the subject heading "Downloadable audio books." [List of titles]

To download a title to your computer or portable device, you will need to create a free OneClick Digital Media Manager account (available once you click on a title -- from within OneClick) and download the Media Manager.

You can also search the OneClick collection directly or browse by genre. Click on the Recreational E-books tab for more details.

What's on the Rec Reading Shelves Now?

Any text can be recreational reading for the right audience at the right time, but if you are looking for recently published fiction or non-fiction intended for a general audience, Boatwright Library has a specific collection designed for leisure time reading.  The three searches below will display books that are currently part of the Fiction, Mystery, and Nonfiction categories of the collection. The display order is alphabetical by title, but you can use the Sort box in the upper right corner of the screen to resort by author, if you wish.   Fiction is located on the second floor, at the top of the stairs, and mysteries and non-fiction are on the first floor, in the main commons area. Books are organized alphabeticaly by author, in broad categories (i.e., last names beginning with A, then last names beginning with B, etc.)

After spending a year in the Recreational Reading Collection, many titles are added to the library's permanent collection.  You can
search for these books, using the title or author, in our
Library Catalog.