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Boatwright Memorial Library

Finding Books

Looking for different types of books with OneSearch on the library's homepage.

Books in general

Books only in UR Libraries

eBooks Only

If you want to see just books in general and do not mind potentially having to use Inter-Library Loan to receive a book, you can just view books in general by using the "Books" filter in OneSearch.  If you want to see only books in the UR Libraries you will want to use the "Books" filter, and the "In the Library" filter in OneSearch.  If you only want to see eBooks you will want to use the "Books" filter, and the "Online" filter in OneSearch.
Screenshot of Books Filter applied in OneSearch Screenshot of Books filter and In the Library filter applied in the OneSearch The Books and Online Filters applied in OneSearch


This is not a comprehensive list of databases that include eBooks. These are just some of the ones that are known to house science materials. 

The library offers both Item Retrieval Services and Interlibrary Loan Services for faculty, staff, and students. 


Item Retrieval Services are are for items that the UR Libraries owns in print format. This DOES NOT include DVDs, Videos, and Music CDs. 


Interlibrary Loan Services are for items not owned by the library. 

Our Library uses what's called Library of Congress Classification. This is just a fancy way to say that the books we have are shelved by subject and that we use call numbers (that start with letters) to know what shelf a book is located on. Those call numbers are directly tied to their subject. So for example, a book on animal behavior would be with all of the other QL books. 

For those of you wanting to just go to the shelves and browse here are some of the Computer Science related call numbers.

  • QC Physics
    • QC 1-75 General
    • QC 81-114 Weights and measures
    • QC 120-168.85 Descriptive and experimental mechanics
    • QC 170-197 Atomic Physics. Constitution and properties of matter
      • Including molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory and solid state physics
    • QC 221-246 Acoustics. Sound
    • QC 251-338.5 Heat
    • QC 350-467 Optics. Light
    • QC 474-496.9 Radiation physics (General)
    • QC 501-766 Electricity and magnetism
    • QC 770-798 Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
    • QC 801-809 Geophysics. Cosmic physics 
    • QC 811-849 Geomagnetism
    • QC 851-999 Meteorology. Climatology
  • QB Astronomy
    • QB 460-466 Astrophysics

Finding your way around B2 can be confusing. Below is a map of the floor. Clicking on the map will bring up an interactive map that will tell you what call number ranges are in each section. If you need additional assistance navigating B2, please just ask at the library front desk. 

Map of Library Level B2

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