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OneSearch Help: About

Find out what OneSearch is and get tips on how to use it.

What am I searching

OneSearch simplifies the process of finding information in the University Libraries. It searches through a massive collection of books, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, e-books, music, videos, dissertations, conference proceedings, and numerous academic databases. Rather than search for all of these things in separate databases, OneSearch lets you find them all at once, quickly and easily. Even better, it's tied directly to what is available through the University Libraries, online or in print.

All users are able to access and search the OneSearch interface however, only University of Richmond-affiliated patrons will have access to licensed resources (i.e. things not freely available on the web).

OneSearch indexes most of the resources available in the University Libraries collection.

While it does contain information from most of the library’s databases, there is some information that is not included in OneSearch. Specialized or comprehensive research should be done in subject-specific databases. For information about which databases are best for your subject area, consult a subject guide, or ask a librarian.

Wild Card Searching

Question mark (?) will match any one character

gr?y will find gray or grey

wom?n will find womanand women

Asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word

ch*ter will find charter,character, and chapter

temp* will find temptation,temple, and temporary

Note: Wildcards cannot be used as the first character of a search

Contact a Liaison Librarian:

Ask a Librarian 

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