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First-Generation and Limited Income Students

Guide featuring resources on first-generation and limited-income students in acknowledgement of National First-Generation Student Celebration Week (November 2023).



This guide provides additional resources on the topic of first-generation and limited-income students to support the Boatwright Library physical book display. It also features resources and links in acknowledgment of the 2023 First-Generation College Celebration on November 8th.

Logo for the 2023 First-Generation College Celebration

  • Click on the "2023 National First-Generation Student Celebration Week" link to the left to learn about the nationwide event from the Center for First-Generation Student Success.

FLI Celebration Dinner

Special Event: FLI Celebration Dinner - Wednesday, Nov. 8, 6 - 7:30PM, Richmond Room, Heilman Dining Center

Image from the FLI Celebration Dinner sign-up form

It's time to celebrate you and all your accomplishments! Join us for a special National First-gen Day Celebration Dinner, (with really yummy food) featuring some words of wisdom from a former first-gen student herself and faculty member of the Jepson School, Dr. Crystal Hoyt. Also attending will be lots of supportive faculty and staff, most of whom are first-gen so you can build your UR network of friends, allies, and mentors. Register here at by Nov. 1 to guarantee your spot.


Key Definitions

  • What is the Spiders FLI Program?
    • Spiders FLI is a program that offers information about college and beyond, networking opportunities, leadership experiences, mentoring, community-building events, and recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of our first-generation and low-income students.
    • The program is supported through the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion.
  • Who is considered a first-generation student?
    • At Richmond, first-generation refers to students for whom neither parent or guardian have completed a four-year college degree. They may have attended some college, or obtained an Associate’s degree, and might even have an older sibling who completed college, but you still qualify as a first-generation college student and can participate in all aspects of the Spiders FLI program.
  • Who is a limited-income student?
    • Limited-income students generally receive a substantial financial aid package from Richmond, covering most of the cost of their education, and/or are eligible to receive the federal Pell grant.

For additional information, please visit the UR First-Gen & Limited Income webpage

Key FLI Student Contacts and Links

  • Lisa Miles

    • Associate Director, Student Center for Equity and Inclusion
    • Whitehurst, Room #210
    • (804)-484-1655
    • Headshot of Lisa Gradone Miles