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LALIS 302: Spanish in Fiction: Dictionaries and Books

Other Reference Books for Spanish Literature

Most of these links will take you to the catalog record for a book, from which you can determine its location (ususally in the reference collection on the first floor)

Literature call number ranges

Literature of Spain, PQ 6000-PQ 7000

Literature of Spanish America, PQ 7081-8560

PQ7100- Mexico,
PQ7361- West Indies
PQ7370- Cuba
PQ7400- Dominican Republic,
PQ7420- PQ7410  Jamaica,
Puerto Rico,
PQ7471- Central America,  (General)
PQ7480-  Costa Rica
PQ7490-  Guatemala
PQ7500   Honduras
PQ7510- Nicaragua
PQ7520- Panama 
PQ7530- El Salvador,
PQ7551- South America, 
PQ7660- Argentina, 
PQ7880-  Bolivia,
PQ7880- Brazil (Spanish language literature in),
PQ7990- Chile,
PQ8160- Colombia,
PQ8200- Ecuador,
PQ8230- Guiana,
PQ8250  Paraguay, -
PQ8300  Peru,

PQ8510- Uruguay,
PQ8530- Venezuela,

Spanish American authors not identified with any country, PQ8560


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