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Boatwright Memorial Library

Finding articles in Spanish or on LAIS subjects

All of these databases cover some of the many topics that are of interest to LAIS students and scholars.  Some focus on literature, some on history, some on business or social issues.  Some are multidisciplinary.  Keep in mind that you should also check the pages for related subjects, such as ART if you are stuydying a Latin American artist or architect, or POLITICAL SCIENCE if you are studying a Latin American revolution.

Remember that if the full text of an article you want to read is not available in the database you are searching, you should use Journal Locator to learn whether we have access and by what means (another database, the publisher's web site, or the print collection in Boatwright).

If you need articles in Spanish, look for the "language" option in the search drop down boxes or use the Language box in the search limits area of the search page.

Country Information

If We Don't Have it

If we don't have the journal you need, you can borrow it through our Interlibrary Loan Service.

How to place a request:

  • Visit the UR Library Catalog
  • Log in
  • Select either Article Request or Book Request for interlbrary Loan
  • Enter the information about the item
  • Click Submit Request
  • To request another item, click your browser's back button and change the item information