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Boatwright Memorial Library

Finding Books and Films

Finding Movies in the Library Catalog

The library has an extensive collection of DVD's, Blu-rays, and VHS as well as numerous streaming video platforms. Here are some tips for searching for films in the catalog:

  • Filter the results of your search by Video/DVD, DVD only, or Streaming Video.
  • Search the catalog (Books and More) for specific titles, it helps to put exact titles in quotations like "The Wild Bunch". If you are searching for a film that has a non-English title, the title in the film's original language may appear first in the record.
  • Search for contributors/creators. Films do not have just one "author" like books do. They have directors, actors, editors, producers- and filter the results.
  • Search by language. Films are categorized by language, but take note that some films have multiple languages. For example- search the catalog for Motion pictures Japanese and filter the results.
  • Search for films by country of production- the country of production does not just include a film's location- it includes the countries that financially produced the film as well. So, take this into consideration if you are just looking for films based in a certain place, or national cinemas. For example you can search for Motion pictures Spain, and then filter the results .
  • Search for films by genre or form, for example Animated films, Western films, War films, Experimental films, Suspense films, Adventure films, Documentary films, Silent films.
  • Streaming movies are added to the catalog every few months, so for the best results it helps to search the streaming video platform directly. See the links below.
  • All DVD's, Blu-ray's and VHS are located on the second floor of the library.

Using the Library Catalog

The first place to check for books on your topic is Books & More (Catalog).  Here are some quick tips for effective catalog searches:

If you are looking for books by a writer, use the Author search (last name first) (same for any artist, such as a director, musician, or actor.

If you want books about an author, use the Subject Heading Browse search (last name first).

Here are some search tips for searching by subject heading:

  • Motion pictures - this is the subject heading used for all books about film, including film criticism, reference sources, and books about production.
  • [Genre] films - searching by specific genres will help you narrow your search, genres include Western filmsExperimental films, Silent films, or Documentary films.
  • [Topic] and motion pictures - If you are focusing on a specific topic, try searching by linking your topic to motion pictures, for example Feminism and motion pictures, Motion pictures and music, Motion pictures and literature.
  • [Topic] in motion pictures - To find resources about topics in motion pictures such as Death in motion pictures, Ecology in motion pictures, Emigration and immigration in motion pictures.
  • Motion pictures [country of origin/region] - Search for national cinemas for example Motion pictures China. In the catalog note the official subject heading will be Motion pictures -- China.

Here are some subject headings you may find useful:

  • Spain - Civilization- 20th century
  • Spain - History - 20th Century
  • Spain - Politics and Government
  • Spain - Social Life and Customs- 20th century
  • Popular culture--Spain--History--20th century
  • Art, Modern--20th century--Spain
  • Spanish literature--20th century
  • Motion pictures-Spain-History          

Of course, you can also use keyword searches, especially using terms found in contents notes, abstracts, or subjects headings.

Free & Legal Streaming Video Resources on the Web

Streaming Video Resources in the Library