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Richmond and Virginia Newspapers

Additional Richmond and Virginia Newspapers:

  • Richmond Planet (Chronicling America, Library of Congress), 1883-1938
    • First published in 1882, and founded by 13 former Richmond slaves, the Planet was initially edited by Edmund Archer Randolph, the first African American graduate of Yale Law School. Two years later, 21-year-old John Mitchell, Jr., succeeded Randolph and continued as editor for the next 45 years, until 1929. Mitchell wasted little time: he replaced much of the press equipment, contributed his own artwork to the paper's always impressive design, and increased circulation to the point that the Planet eventually turned a modest profit. The Planet by 1904 had reached a weekly circulation of 4,200. The paper also quickly gained a reputation as a staunch defender of the African-American community and a voice against racial injustice—"daring to hurl thunderbolts of truth into the ranks of the wicked. . . . No stronger race man is known among us." (Description on Chronicling America site, information provided by Library of Virginia) 
  • Chronicling America - Virginia Newspapers

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