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Resources for the study of Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, literatures, and cultures.

Historical Collections

Newspapers in Databases

Databases that include Latin American newspapers are listed below.

Contemporary Collections

Spanish Language News Podcasts

NPR has a free news broadcast in Spanish, Radio Ambulants :

El Mundo also has podcasts,

Nómadas is a travel show Radio Nacional de España — Spain’s public radio station that takes you to a different corner of the world every week and brings you voices, sounds and stories from that destination,

If you’re just getting started, News in Slow Spanish, is a good option. It has two versions: one using Spanish as it’s spoken in Spain and the other focusing on Latin American Spanish. The aptly-named podcast features discussions of current news stories in Spanish, but spoken slowly and clearly so it’s easy for non-native speakers to understand.

. El Washington Post is WP’s Spanish language podcast.

El Hilo is a weekly news show in Spanish that aims to go in-depth on a single story in each episode. A co-production of Radio Ambulante Estudios and Vice News, the show tells stories from all over Latin America and the U.S.,

Radio Bilingüe’s Edición Semanaria is a fourteen-minute news capsule in Spanish covering top stories in the U.S. and Latin America.

El Vocero has audio/video news from Puerto Rico,


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