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Boatwright Memorial Library

Finding Dance Books

OneSearch is the way to find library books (print and ebooks):

  • For books about dancers or choreographers, enter the person's name in the search box and select "Books" in the first dropdown.  You can also just enter DANCERS BIOGRAPHY or CHOREOGRAPHERS BIOGRAPHY.
  • For books about dance genres, enter your genre term in the search box and select "Books" in the first dropdown.  Some terms, like BALLET, are fine by themselves, but others may need to include the word "dance" (ex: JAZZ DANCE, MODERN DANCE) or "dancing" (ex: TAP DANCING, BALLROOM DANCING, BREAK DANCING).
  • For books about dance in a particular country, enter the word DANCE followed by the country's name (ex: DANCE INDIA).  Look through the filters on the left side of the screen, and select anything that looks like it might give you more focused results.

Beyond the UR Libraries

Expand your search beyond the UR Libraries with First Search.  If you need a book that we don't own, you can request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.  Instructions for placing a request are available here


GV1587 - Terms, Abbreviations, Notation
GV1588 - Philosophy & Theory
GV1589 -  Study & Teaching
GV1590-1594 - General Works
GV1596 - Pictorial Works
GV1597 - Dancing as a Profession
GV1600 - Criticism & Appreciation
GV1601 - History
GV1743 - National Dances. Folk dances & dancing
GV1751-1753.5 - Social Dancing. Ballroom Dancing
GV1763 - Square Dances. Quadrilles. Country Dances.
GV1781 - Theatrical dancing (incl. Broadway)
GV1783 - Modern Dance
GV1785-1786 - Biography
GV1787 - Ballet
GV1794 - Tap
GV1799 - Dance for children
M1450 - Dance Music (scores & DVDs)
M1520-1526 - Ballet music (scores & DVDs)
ML3400-3465 - Books about dance music
RM1450 - Dance Music (CDs)
RM1520-1526 - Ballet music (CDs)