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SOC 211 Sociological Research Methods (Oware)


This guide is specific to Professor Oware's Sociological Research Methods course.  It is designed to cultivate better research habits and to support academic success in this class.  

If you have questions that this guide fails to address or if you would like more specific direction, then I encourage you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with me, your library liaison, by clicking the "Book an Appointment" link at right.     


"We are the victims of an illusion which leads us to believe we have ourselves produced what has been imposed upon us externally" (Durkheim 1895).  

"It is through the illusion of freedom from social determinants...that social determinants win the freedom to exercise their full power.  And so, paradoxically, sociology frees us by freeing us from the illusion of freedom(Bourdieu 1990).


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