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Boatwright Memorial Library

Humanities & Film Librarian

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Nick Dease
Boatwright Library, Rm. 185
261 Richmond Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Research Example | Resources

OneSearch ==> broad and includes a lot of types of information

  • Books
  • Documentary Films
  • Scholarly articles 
  • Government resources and/or Non-Profit Organizations
  • Statistics/Data
  • Subject Resources - similar types of information, but more focused within content

Topic Idea: Indigenous women and Latin America ===> what questions can you ask about this topic to focus?

  • Subjects: gender and X (I see in this case that violence is a subject -- result list)
  • legal pluralities ==> think of a topic from your class or that you've read about related to gender issues -- I see an entry marked "review" -- it's a book review of a book on the topic.
    • Indigenous Women and Legal Pluralities in  Latin America
      • Footnotes, references, use these to follow the scholarly breadcrumbs and conversations. This is an edited book, so the chapters are written by different scholars.  What other work have they written? References - listed by chapter in this book.
      • REMEMBER -- continue to ask questions: 
        • [from your research overview by Dr. Skerrett] Are there clear advocates and dissenters?  Who benefits and who is disadvantaged?  What social conditions drive advocacy or resistance?  Always bring an intersectional lens to your analysis.  Remember:  critical analysis is intersectional analysis!


  • Login to the database to save your searches and results, email articles, and export to Zotero