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Boatwright Memorial Library

Bridge to Success: How Do I...


Use this page to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Boatwright Library and our services!

About - Boatwright Memorial Library


Image that reads "How do I get help with research?"

Ask a Librarian!

  • Click here to see how you can contact UR Librarians via email, text, and phone
  • You can also schedule an appointment to meet one-on-one with UR Librarians about any research question you have
  • Use the widget below to use our Library Chat feature, and connect directly with UR Librarians and staff via instant message!

Need help? Chat with a Librarian

Streaming Media

Image that reads "How do I find movies (and more) to stream from the library?"

Through our various streaming media databases!

  • Click here for a full list of our streaming databases
  • You have access to a wide range of documentaries, popular films, e- and audiobooks, and streaming music through the UR library
  • Physical DVDs are also available to check out on the 2nd Floor of Boatwright Library, and a huge number of CDs are available in the Parsons Music Library

Library Lockers

Image that reads "How do I reserve a library locker?"

Click here!

  • Large and small lockers are available to rent on a semester-basis and are located on the 2nd Floor and the B2 levels of the library
  • You can also click here to fill out the library locker request form
  • Contact or call (804)-289-8876 with any questions


Image that reads "How do I print at the library?"

Click here to read all about it!

  • Printers are available on the 1st and 2nd Floors and in B2
  • A color printer, photocopier, and book scanner are also located on the 1st Floor
  • Full-time students get 400 print credits per semester that carry over from Fall to Spring semester (but not into the next academic year) 

Check Out Books

Image that reads "How do I check out books?"

Use your OneCard!

  • All physical books can be checked out at the Boatwright Library front desk using your OneCard
  • Click here to see how long you can check out books and other items

Writing Help

Image that reads "How do I get assistance with writing my paper?"

Visit the UR Writing Center!

  • Located on the Boatwright Library's first floor, the Writing Center offers one-on-one writing consultations and help with "planning, revising, [and] documenting papers"
  • You can meet with tutors either in-person or via Zoom
  • ***NOTE***: All summer Writing Center help is on an on-call basis. Contact Janis Parker, the Student Writing Consultant, to schedule an appointment by email at

QR Code for Guide

Scan the following code to access the Bridge to Success LibGuide on your phone:

QR code image to remotely access the Bridge to Success LibGuide

Study Rooms

Image that reads "How do I reserve a library study room?"

Click here!

  • All study spaces can be reserved two weeks in advance and for a max of two hours a day
  • Click here to read about the differences in the Boatwright Library collaborative and silent study areas
  • You can also reserve study spaces in the Parsons Music Library

Find a Book

Image that reads "How do I find books in the library?"

Use the Library of Congress shelving system!

  • All books on the B2 level of the library are arranged by the Library of Congress (LOC) shelving system. Click here to watch a video description of the system
  • When you find a physical item from the library catalog, take note of its call number (highlighted in red in the picture below)

Screenshot from the UR Library catalog showing the call number for the book "I Am Malala"

  • Check out the box below for a more in-depth description of the LOC shelving system! 

Library of Congress System

LCC Basics:

  • The first line of the call number is always a letter and is filed alphabetically
  • The second line is a whole number and is filed numerically
  • The third (and sometimes 4th) line is begins with a decimal followed by a letter &a number 
  • Each item in a Cutter number should be looked at separately and numbers are treated like decimals 
  • Other lines may contain info like volume numbers, copy numbers or publication dates
  • Letters come before numbers
  • Nothing comes before something (i.e, PR1041 .C3 2012 comes before PR1041 . C3 2012 v.2)
  • No date comes before something with a date