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Boatwright Memorial Library

ENGL 379: Film Directors: Hitchcock (Cheever): Finding Books, Articles, & More

Where to Start in the Library

  • OneSearch will search ALL of the library's resources including books, movies, scholarly journals, periodicals and more.
  • Google Scholar - a resource for both scholarly and non-scholarly articles. If you are on campus, you will find links to scholarly articles in our databases.
  • Library reference sources & encyclopedias - find background information to help you get started.
  • Interlibrary loan - request books, articles, and more from other libraries if Boatwright does not have it.
  • Look at the library's research guides on different topics and types of sources including literature, history and film.
  • A full list of all the research databases in the library.

What is a "Scholarly" Source?

Scholarly sources aka academic scholarship tends to come from people (like your professors) producing knowledge within the university system, and is written primarily for an academic community, or others in the field who are engaging in ongoing scholarly conversation:

  • Look for the author's credentials or institutional affiliation.
  • The authors may use highly specialized language, specific to a discipline or area of study.
  • The writing Includes extensive citations, bibliographies, or footnotes, showing the author is aware of a body of scholarship relevant to the field.
  • The content has been published by an academic institution or university press.
  • The author's work is often "peer reviewed" or has gone through a rigorous editorial process by fellow experts in the field.

Find Scholarly Articles

Find Films

All of the films for this course will either be in Swank Digital Campus or Kanopy. If you do not see the film you need, contact your librarian.

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