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Boatwright Memorial Library

Journal Articles

The library's Journal Titles search helps you to:

  • identify which journal titles are available at UR
  • identify which titles are in print or can be accessed as e-journals
  • access the e-journals through UR subscription links *
  • connect to the catalog to find "holdings" information for print titles (which volumes/years that UR owns)
  • find UR journals by subject  

Some publishers "embargo" their most recent issues so that you may only be able to electronically access articles published 1-2 years earlier.

The Journal Titles tab is also located on the library homepage with OneSearch and Books & More.

The library offers both Item Retrieval Services and Interlibrary Loan Services for faculty, staff, and students. 


Item Retrieval Services are are for items that the UR Libraries owns in print format. This DOES NOT include DVDs, Videos, and Music CDs. 


Interlibrary Loan Services are for items not owned by the library. 

Peer-Reviewed Articles

An article that has been peer-reviewed has gone through some type of validation process. This process can look different depending on the publisher but typically involves both: 

  • Reviewers who specialize in the same scholarly area as the author evaluate the quality, and validity of the article, especially its methodology and procedures. They might suggest revisions to the article, or reject it outright. 
  • An editor evaluates that the article meets specific requirements for being well-written, completeness, etc. They will also use reviewer comments to help decide if an article might ultimately be accepted or rejected. 
  • Some databases allow you to filter for peer-reviewed articles. 
  • Find the journal's website and the information on its publisher. You should be able to find information on the peer-review process if it is peer-reviewed. 

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