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FYS Faculty Resources: FALL FYS

This guide focuses on information literacy, first year seminars and library resources available for faculty teaching at the University of Richmond.

Fall Library Research Sessions

Fall Goals: Basic Understanding of an Academic Library and Information Literacy

Overview: Introduces students to the resources available at Boatwright Library, including the website, catalog and research databases. Session(s) also introduce citing sources and evaluating information.

  • Finding Sources. Students will utilize the library website to locate information in order to determine how resources are used for different scholarly information needs.
  • Proper Citing and Ethical Use of Sources. Students will learn how to acknowledge the work of others in their own narratives in order to follow established conventions for citing a source.
  • Investigative Reading of Sources. Students will learn to recognize how different types of information sources have varied purposes and audiences in order to distinguish scholarly sources, primary and/or secondary sources.
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