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WILL Senior Seminar: Staying Connected: Home

Resources for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies After Graduation

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This guide provides information resources on how you can stay connected to various issues affecting feminists in day-to-day life.  Topics include personal finance, health and medical information, housing information, women, gender and sexuality issues, etc. Need Assistance? Don't hesitate to contact me after graduation!  I always like to work with alumna and to stay in touch with what you are doing.

Feminist Community

How can you maintain or find a post-graduate feminist/gender community?

  • Join a local chapter of the Feminist Majority Foundation or another feminist organization. (See links below)
  • Form a feminist/gender book, study or support group.
  • Maintain close connections with classmates; become an active alumna.
  • Find out about women/gender/sexuality programs, lectures, etc. at local colleges and universities.
  • Visit your public library for local feminist/gender group information.
  • Seek progressive faith communities that welcome and study women/gender/sexuality issues.
  • Seek out co-workers and start a feminist lunch group.
  • Read women and gender issues blogs, websites, magazines, etc.
  • Start or find a Facebook Group on feminist and gender issues.
  • Link to favorite websites through Tumbler and follow them.
  • "Like" pages or organizations on Facebook.  Examples include Everyday Feminism, Wipe Out Transphobia, Emily's List, Planned Parenthood.
  • Follow "Twitter" feeds of women's organizations, progressive think tanks, writers, activists, etc.

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