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Boatwright Memorial Library

Galvin Rare Book Room, Special Collections, and Book Arts: Special Collections -- Manuscripts, Archives, and Artists' Books

Brief introduction to the University of Richmond's Galvin Rare Book Room, Special Collections, and Book Arts

Small Collections

SC-1: Journal of a Whaling Voyage

SC-2: Kenyan Fabric

SC-3: Maps of Jerusalem

SC-4: C.F. James Diary

SC-5: Bail Bond of Jefferson Davis

SC-6 Receipt for US Direct Taxes 1866

SC-7 Diary of Thomas Eugene Massie, Randolph Macon College

SC-8 Alfred Dunhill Tobacco Patents and Product List 

SC-9 Edward E. Reavely - USS Chester 1917

SC-10 Edward Paul Duffy - US Flagship Trenton 1880


Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections that are highlighted in bold are completed and open for research; the rest are currently being processed. Finding aids for completed collections are available in the rare book reading room. 

MS-1: Carl Van Vechten - Mark Lutz Collection

MS-2: Ernest Lee Bolling Collection

MS-3: Edward Henry Peple Collection

MS-4: Lt. Henry S. Kinsey Papers

MS-5: Historic Maps Collection

MS-6: Commander Horace Elmer Papers

MS-7: Fred O. Seibel Cartoon Collection

MS-8: World War I & World War II Pamphlet Collection

MS-9: Marguerite Roberts Papers

MS-10: Calvin Robinson Scrapbook

MS-11: Gresham Incunabula Collection

MS-12: James Rachels Papers

MS-13: Civil War Collection

MS-14: Gresham Papers

MS-15: Garnett Ryland Papers

MS-16 Miscellaneous Correspondence Collection

MS-17 Richmond Print Collection

MS-18 Martin Staples Shockley Collection

MS-19 Claudia Stevens Collection (held at Parsons Music Library Special Collections)

MS-20 Congressman Watkins Moorman Abbitt Papers

MS-21 Jack Welsh Collection

MS-22 Richmond Civil War Photographs 

MS-23 W.H. Brown Botanical Drawings 

MS-24 Rev. and Mrs. Wyatt Tee Walker Collection

MS-25 UR's 175th Anniversary Collection

MS-26 Civil War Era Naval Correspondence Collection

MS-27 Rose Poetry Collection

MS-28 Harleigh Bridges Schultz Collection

MS-29 Dr. Jack Welsh Scrapbook Collection

MS-30 Modlin Center Scrapbook Collection

MS-31 Robert Ray Martin Collection

MS-32 Hazel Paris Cederborg Collection

MS-34 Frederic W. Boatwright Collection

MS-35 Dave Clinger Collection

MS-36 Fletcher Stiers Collection

MS-37 (anonymous) Collection

MS-38 Virginia Screenwriters Forum Collection

MS-39 Dr. George M. Modlin Book Award Collection

MS-40 Irina Rogova Civil Rights at UR Collection

MS-41 Earl & Jewell Ratliff Collection

MS-42 Cheryl Pierce Craddock Theater Design Collection

MS-43 James Jackson Award for Excellence in Library Research Award Collection

MS-44 Gary McDowell Collection 

MS-45 Charles Meredith Civil War Imprint Collection

MS-46 University of Richmond COVID-19 Collection

MS-47 Willis Andrew Shell Collection



Book Arts Collection

The Book Arts collection combines technical manuals, descriptive and historical works, and artists' book and creations.  Book Arts technical manuals are currently housed in the Book Arts studio, while more general descriptive and historical works are located in the circulating collection.  Artists' book are housed in the Rare Book Room.  All are noted as part of the Book Arts Collection, so that the collection may be searched as a whole in the library catalog. 

Individual artists' books include:

BA-1: Daniel Teoli, Cutters, 2014 

BA-2: Daniel Teoli, Wallen, 2015 

BA-3: Tom Burtonwood, Orihon 2014 

BA-4: Spirit of Armstrong: arm in arm, we are strong 2018 

BA-5: Brittany Nelson, Monuments to the Conquerors of Space, 2017  

BA-6: DisConnect. Amy Eisner. 2018 

BA-7: Inactivity Book: An Activity Book for the Inactive. Celeste Fichter, 2013 

BA-8: Napkine: the legendary napkins used by inspired drunks caught without notepads or sketchbooks: cocktail napkins: wipe-up spills and feverishly jot inspired sketches and pithy musings, John Marriott, 2013 

BA-9: Sun Boxes, Craig Colorusso, 2013 

BA-10: Mani-game = Dem-game. Sandra March, 2016 

BA-11: Four 1/32nd scale scenarios. Gary Kachadourian, 2012 

BA-12: Greetings from America, James Leonard, 2009 

BA-13: Strokephone: Brain phone interface: Uploading knowledge in the human brain, Christine Kermaire, 2014 

BA-14: Expurgated, Christine Kermaire, 2013 

BA-15: How to. Jen Thomas, 2009 

BA-16: Weather Box by Sara Bouchard, 2014 

BA-17: After, Josh Hosckensmith, 2018 (alum) 

BA-18: True to Life. Julie Chen, 2004 

BA-19: Veil is seen only when it is lifted. Carlotta Origoni, 2018 

BA-20: Proverbial Book. Jessica Spring, 2002 

BA-21: Horse Power. Jessica Spring, 2009 

BA-22: Inflammatory Guide: Banned & Challenged Books you should read. Jessica Spring, 2012 

BA-23: Blackout. 2017 

BA-24: Night Moves. Katharina Pierini, 2017 

BA-25: Shelf Life. Related Tactics. 2019 

BA-26: Landscapes & Playgrounds. Sable Elyse Smith. 2017 

BA-27: Mr. Swift and the Brown Shoes: A Feminist Story. Ellen Roth Deutsch, 1993 

BA-28: Crash and Burn. Caren Heft. 1986 

BA-29: Power Play. Susan Lowdermilk. 2002 

BA-30: Cave Protection Act of 2013. Michelle Ray, 2013 

BA-31: Barred Owl. Lauren Faulkenberry, 2016 

BA-32: Hundred Years of: Lex Flex. Ruth Laxson, 2003 

BA-33: Circular Logic. Pamela Olson, 2014 

BA-34: Power Trip. Students in the Typography and Book Arts Class, 2015 

BA-35: Roadside Attractions, v.1. Marnie Powers-Torrey, 2017 

BA-36: Anchored. Jessica Spring, 2017 

BA-37: Fathoming. Jessica Spring, 2015 

BA-38: Felt Felt. Sandra March, 2011 

BA-39: Storytelling and Social Change. 2018 

BA-40: Blaze of Glory: a tale of fortitude and Courage in the face of gravest danger, Eric Leland, 2012 

BA-41: Mini Water Lilies, Elizabeth Curren, 2014 

BA-42: Black Holes, Magdalena Cordero, 2014 

BA-43: Douglas Gordon's The vanity of allegory / [organized by Nancy Spector]. Alternate Title: Vanity of allegory, c2005 

BA-44: The Afronauts, Christina De Middel, 2019

BA-45: White Gaze, Michelle Dizon, 2019

BA-46: In the company of Black, Cecil McDonald, 2017

BA-47: Put it in a Letter: 25 Typographic images featuring lyrics from the soundtrack of lives unraveling, Jennifer Farrell, 2018

BA-48: Under the Knife, Krista Franklin, 2018

BA-49: Unleash, Islam Aly, 2017

BA-50: Inland Sea, Mary Clare Butler, 2016

BA-51: Radiant Republic, Sarah Bryant, 2019

BA-52: Light blue desire, Magali Duzant, 2018

BA-53: Thousand starlings, Rhiannon Alpers, 2016

BA-54: A to Z, 2018

BA-55: Uyghur food, Colette Fu, 2020

BA-56: Body Heat, 2019

BA-57: Ultrices, Marianne Dages and Leah Mackin, 2016

BA-58: Read this out loud, sarah Bryant, 2020

BA-59: Riverine

BA-60: Site

BA-61: Wit(h)ness

BA-62: Witch inside me, Rao, 2018

BA-63: Reliquary, Schroeder, 2015




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